Attention: Coaches, HR Professionals,
Resume Writers, And College Placement Reps

I Guarantee It, Your Experience Is Worth
A Lot More Than You Think...

"How To Take Knowledge
And Experience You Already Have -
And Cash It In For A Lucrative, Ongoing Income Stream In Just Three Weeks"

(If You're NOT Doing This, You're Trading In Years Of Blood, Sweat,
And Tears For Pennies Of What It's Really Worth!)





From: Carole Martin

Attention all coaches, resume writers, or college placement reps who are hungry to reach the next level:


If you're reading this, you're probably looking for a way to earn some extra money on top of your regular income... or you might even be searching for an exciting new opportunity to replace your current income. Something that will pay you what you want and deserve, and maybe even give you a little more freedom to live life on your terms.


I'd like to start off by saying you're much better off than you think. If you've got experience in the coaching, career, or employment fields right now is actually one of the best times for you to create an extra income stream for yourself.


You see, there's a storm brewing in our economy right now. And with it comes challenges and problems you are in an excellent position to solve (and be rewarded handsomely for in return).


It’s the most lucrative kind
of business opportunity…

When you have a large market, with a BIG problem – and no one is solving it.

Even better, is when the problem is only growing. And people are extremely eager to pay large sums of money to finally relieve their stress, frustration, and confusion.

And best of all, when you can become the person that solves it for them. In only a couple of hours. With virtually zero start-up costs. And with only a couple weeks of training.

That’s why I know the story I’m about to share with you is going to get your blood pumping, and for those willing to take fast action – it could be one of the most important stories you’ll read this year…


A Heart Sinking, Stomach Sickening Problem
Almost All Of Us Can Relate To…

There is an epidemic sweeping the nation.

It’s so wide spread, that approximately ¾ of the population has this problem on their mind.

And it’s such a serious problem that people lay awake at night worried about it, plan their lives around it, and feel uncertain, afraid, and sometimes even physically sick about it.

To top it off, this problem is only going to become more ominous in the months ahead due to the looming recession. Which makes right now the perfect time to set yourself up to take advantage of it - and become the knight in shining armor that comes to the rescue of good, honest people.

The savvy entrepreneur who positions themselves to take away this problem, stands to generate large windfalls of cash in short order. And with the right knowledge, you can be that person – and not only enjoy a fat six-figure income, but be a hero of your town (or even a national hero) at the same time.

And the really exciting part?

Incredibly enough, despite this being an age of fantastic progress and enlightenment, almost no one is solving this problem.


So What Would Someone Be Willing To Pay
Hundreds Of Dollars An Hour For?


I don’t have to tell you that the employment picture is tough out there. It’s all around us. Layoffs, downsizing, increased out-of-pocket costs for employee benefits, and on and on…

And even when people have a job that seems to be secure, they may be stuck with a boss that doesn’t understand their needs, lazy co-workers, no upward mobility and a paycheck that never seems to get any higher than the rate of inflation.

It’s no wonder that a full ¾ of workers are unhappy, stressed and looking for other work.

Really. Three-quarters!

Do you know what that comes out to in raw numbers?

Over 100 million.

That’s right, over 100 million people are unhappy with their current job and are either:

  1. thinking about finding other work when they get up in the morning, passively looking through the want-ads in the local paper;

  2. putting their feelers out, dipping their toe in the job-search waters, seeing what’s available just in case or…

  3. they are seriously looking. Resumes in hand, going to interviews, getting their references in order.


How You Can Swoop In And Save The Day
For This Massive Market And Unlock A Treasure Trove
Of Profits In The Process!

For the past eight years, I've been quietly making a small fortune delivering a solution this 100 million person market is so hungry for - they're willing to pay hundreds of dollars for it.

It's something anyone can learn how to do, with very minimal training (although there are a long list of "inside secrets" you'll be hard pressed to find on your own without spending years in the trenches, but I'll tell you more about those in a moment).

Yet, in all my time offering this unique solution - only a handful of competitors have popped up. And even if the number of people offering this solution were to multiply by the thousands, there would still be more of a demand than you could handle.

And that's why, for the first time ever, I'm revealing everything I know about this market, and the unique solution I've been providing (for very handsome rewards) these past years - to a select group of entrepreneurs savvy enough to see how lucrative this will be for them.


You've Already Got The Experience
And Background To Get This Rolling Fast

If I tried to show a regular Joe off the street how to unlock this opportunity, it could take months or maybe even years.

But you're already perfectly positioned to take advantage of this booming opportunity thanks to the experience you've acquired working in the coaching, career, or employment fields.

You've got one or more of these key things most people don't have...

1. You've got a background that people can trust. This is a must for drawing in large numbers of clients.

2. You've got the experience to relate and understand where your prospective clients are coming from and where they want to go.

3. You've already got most of the skills and experience to make this work.


All You Need Is A "Turn Key" System
To Bring It All Together

A Step-By-Step Strategy For Bringing In A Client,
Coaching Them To Success, And Repeating The Process
As Many Times As You Like!

And that's exactly what I've done.

I've put together all the things I've learned over the past eight years of earning big paychecks as an interview coach, and condensed them into a "fast track" easy to follow blueprint that you can copy.

I designed this blueprint to get you set-up fast: in just three weeks.

And whether you'd like to add interview coaching to your current services, do it part time for a lucrative side income, or jump in full speed to earn a handsome full time income - the tips and tools I've put together will help you do it quickly and easily.



Inside Secrets That Will Have Job Seekers Singing Your Praises!

You're about to discover how to take the skills, knowledge, and expertise you have now and combine it with the interview coaching techniques and strategies I've developed - to create a fantastic combo, and a new opportunity to help people and generate a lucrative income stream for yourself in the process!

You'll get all the insider tips, techniques, and methods that will turn you into an elite interview coach a cut above the rest. You'll know everything there is to know about interview coaching, and will be the premier person prospective clients will turn to when they need help with their next series of job interviews.

Knowledge is power. And when you possess all the insider knowledge in the business of job seeking, like…

How to sell yourself in an interview with total confidence 

How to portray yourself as indispensable to a potential employer

How to implement every well-kept secret of job interviewers

…then you’ll have all the power you need to land that perfect job-seeking client. You will have the knowledge to be the obvious solution to displaced workers everywhere—and you’ll be paid accordingly!



Who Am I And What Makes Me
An Interview Expert?

Carole Martin, The Interview CoachMy name is Carole Martin. As The Interview Expert for for the past 8 years, having written countless articles and appeared as an interview authority on national radio, television and newspapers, I’m known as the #1 Interview Coach in America.

I have 18 years of human resources experience, a Masters in Career Development and am the author of 4 books on interviewing.

To stay on top of my game I’ve had to constantly be on the cutting edge of this industry, so I’ve gathered secrets and kept them under wraps, using them only when needed for my own coaching practice, articles and speaking engagements.

These are trade secrets that I’ve jealously guarded because, frankly, I didn’t want them to become common knowledge. After all, these secrets have provided me with the lifestyle of my dreams for over 8 years!

But there’s one thing driving me and that’s the desire to see more people land their perfect job and become free of worry, stress and the daily anxiety that comes with being unhappy with their present lot in life. Life is just too short to be that unhappy.

This is the one major factor that’s motivating me to pull back the curtain and reveal the treasured, guarded interviewing secrets that have made my clients extremely good at what they do, which in turn has resulted in their perfect job and all the perks that go with it.

You just can’t put a price on the feeling you get when you improve someone’s life forever.

That’s why I’ve decided to give you all the tools you need to tap into this enormous market, be a hero to your interview clients and grab your own share of the financial freedom that’s in store for those who know what I know.


Everything You Need To Become A
Six-Figure Interview Coach!

A Step-By-Step Blueprint, Guaranteed To Give
You The Knowledge And Skills Of A Master Interview
Coach In 21 Days Or Less


To fast track your success in this exciting market, I've packed all my skills, knowledge, and inside secrets into an easy to understand, step-by-step blueprint for becoming a master interview coach.

I'm so confident in these materials, that I guarantee if you're willing to study and apply the steps I've outlined you'll have the ability to start coaching clients and making money in just 21 days! Imagine, in just three weeks from now you can start living dream life of a home business owner.

Here's what's included in the system...


The Interview Fitness Training Workbook, which is the flagship of the Interview Coach Facilitator’s Guide, and contains the exact model that I use when coaching my clients how to prepare for an interview.

A step-by-step, follow-along, connect-the-dots CD that will guide you through the workbook’s exercises, giving you and your clients the critical advice they need to use the job interview exercises to their fullest potential.

High quality hard copies of the exercises delivered to your door, along with the handsome Facilitator’s Guide Binder – with 8 x 5 original copies for you to reproduce (with my permission) and use side by side with your clients.

Downloadable PDF Master copies of all the materials.

License to Duplicate. Complete rights to use and reproduce the exercises from the workbook with clients and prospects—but not for publication or resale! You may use articles distributed as part of this product to benefit your marketing efforts, including personalization and distribution.


Click Below For A Sample Of Some Of The Engaging
Training I Have Lined Up For You ...

Click the Play Button to See
Carole Martin in Action!


Join The Team
And Get My Full Support, Backing, And
Guidance Every Step Of The Way

To make sure you have every possible advantage of succeeding as an interview coach, I've pulled out all the stops to give you my personal support throughout your entire journey - and beyond!

On top of the training kit, you'll get my personal guidance in a special 6-week group training class. I'll be taking you and a small handful of other coaching and employment oriented individuals through six powerful tele-conference workshops. Throughout this process, you'll discover the mindset, insights, and action steps you need to really succeed as an interview coach.

Unlike other business opportunity programs out there, I'm personally committed to your success. So much so, I'm willing to give you my personal stamp of approval.

After going through the 6-week group training program, you'll receive an certification, complete with special graphics and other promotional materials so you can let the world know you're part of the #1 interview coaching team on the planet!

This isn't just some lame graphic I'm throwing in to hype up the program either. Once you receive your certification, you're really part of the team, complete with full team benefits...


Tap Into Our World Renowned Reputation
And Top Notch Marketing Efforts

You'll Hit The Ground Running As We Pass Clients
Onto You Right Out Of The Gate!

As a certified team member, you'll be able to tap into our powerful lead generation system fueled by expert designed marketing campaigns and an eight year reputation (many of our leads comes from referrals).

While not required, we'll work with your individual needs and feed you clients that fit your unique background and expertise. For each new client we send you, we charge a small 25% referral fee. But you get to keep 3/4 of the profits and save yourself time and money on marketing.

Depending on your aspirations, we encourage you to find clients on your own (and we'll show you how step-by-step). But our cooperative efforts will be a great help in getting your new business off the ground, and a source of ongoing leads in the future.

Note: Because of the wide range of variables, we cannot guarantee a certain number of leads. However, we strive to give each of our team members the highest amount of support possible in this area.

Plus, you'll have the opportunity to work with all your clients beyond interview coaching. Add even more profits to your bank account by offering life coaching, career coaching, resume writing, and other services before or after the interview coaching is complete!


Pack Your Day With As Many Coaching
Sessions As You Want With The Help Of My
"Marketing Tool Box"

Now that you've got everything you need to deliver the actual coaching service to your future clients, it's time to get clients!

As a coach, you can work as many hours or as few hours as you like. If working a few hours and making a few hundred dollars is enough to satisfy you, that's fine. If you'd rather work 5, 6, 7 or more hours coaching to create a huge surge of cash into your bank account that's great too!

With my "Marketing Tool Box" you'll get all the tools and resources you need to pack your schedule with as many high paying clients as you want. Take a look at what you'll get...

A step-by-step check list of everything you need to get your coaching business off the ground, running, and a stream of hot leads calling you every day!

Reprint rights to 12 interest building, educating articles you can put your name on and send out to publications in your area or on the internet. These will peak people's interest in the idea of interview coaching, and urge them to call you. Just getting one of these articles published could lead to dozens of new clients!

Access to a powerful, one hour audio seminar revealing some of the most cost effective, business building marketing strategies you can use to generate a flood of new clients into your new business.

Simple, easy to understand guides on all the important points you need to be aware of for setting up and building a profitable coaching business.

And many more money making resources, tools, and tips - way too many to list here!


Here To Help You Succeed In The Long Run

Get The Ongoing Support You Need To Advance Your
New Business To Exciting Heights

To make sure you continue to succeed as an interview coach once your initial training and certification is complete, and to help you build your new income stream to exciting new levels - you'll also get 12 months of ongoing support from me personally. team members will participate in monthly support and training calls to stay on the cutting edge of the interview coaching market.

You'll get my latest techniques and strategies for building your interview coaching business, a chance to ask any questions you have on your mind, and the opportunity to connect and network with other team members to learn and grow together.

Building a sustainable, lucrative cash flow from interview coaching is an ongoing process. Unlike other coach training programs or business opportunities that "kick you out of the nest" and leave you to fend for yourself, you'll get the cutting edge tools and advice to turn your interview coaching business into a long term income stream you can count on.


An Investment In Your Future:

How Will You Stay Above The Recession,
And Provide You And Your Family With The Security
And Comfort You Deserve?

 How much would having your own interview coaching business be worth to you?  How much money do you stand to make with this kind of proven, inside information?




If you've read this far, I know you're serious about finding a way to either supplement your existing income, or move into an exciting new venture that you can feel confident will support all your personal and financial wants and needs.

In economic times like these, the peace of mind that comes with having a reliable, healthy source of income can seem almost priceless. While many people in the world struggle with inflation, making their house payment, or even putting food on the table - you have a chance to rise above the fear, and live life on your terms.

I've spent hundreds of hours developing and honing the techniques, plans, concepts, and strategies you'll learn as part of my team. I've spent $1,000's more hiring marketing experts, developing coaching materials, and refining the process you're about to learn. And lost $1,000's more on mistakes you'll learn to avoid.

But despite all the time and capital that has gone into putting this program together, I'm not going to make price a barrier.

You see, I want to make this information available to as many people as possible - people like you, but also the millions of people who need these interview strategies and tips to get out of the unemployment line, and find a job they love that will pay them a fair salary.


You can join my team, complete
with all the training materials, all the ongoing support, and all the
referral generating benefits - For Just $3,329

As an introductory offer I'm going to make this even more inviting
for those who are willing to take action


If you're one of the first 7 people to order my system, I'll give you 25% off the normal price - knocking your investment down to only $2,497

If you think this amount is still out of your price range, I'd like you to consider a few things...

Q: $2,497 is too much for me right now. Maybe in the future when I am more financially secure with my business.

A: I can tell you that most people with that justification NEVER reach that level of security because they are afraid to take the calculated risks required for growth. The ones who are confident that this will make them successful are the ones who will take that leap, make that purchase and move their business forward.

Q: How long will it take me to make that investment back?

A: It depends on your work ethic and your willingness to apply what you learn in an aggressive manner. Those who are diligent and do everything according to the System will make back their investment in as little as 30 days.

Q: What guarantees do I have?

A: I have a full 30-day guarantee (see below). You have 30 days to try everything. If after our first training session you find that this opportunity is not for you, then just return the materials in re-saleable condition and you’ll receive a full refund. That’s a completely risk-free offer for you.


So as you can see, you have nothing to lose ordering today. And if you have any other questions that are keeping you from moving forward please feel free to send me an email by clicking here.



Test Drive Interview Coaching Risk-Free...

Then Decide If It's Right For You!

I'm so confident my "The Interview Coaching System" will deliver the business of your dreams, I'm backing it with a two-pronged guarantee.

First, I guarantee that if you are willing to study the materials and follow the instructions I've laid out for you - you'll be able to start coaching your very own clients in just 21 days. I've laid everything out for you in a step-by-step way that is extremely easy to understand and follow, so you can start making money with your new interview coaching business fast.

Second, I guarantee that if for any reason you aren't satisfied with the results you achieve, the materials you receive, or if for any reason you are not completely thrilled with your decision to use my system - I'll refund every penny you paid for it on the spot. No questions. No hassles.

In fact, I'm willing to let you test-drive my system for a full 30 days from the day you receive it in the mail. Participate in the first training call, follow my instructions, try out coaching for yourself. And if it's not what you thought it would be, just send the system back for a full, no questions asked refund. (Materials must be in re-saleable condition).

It's as simple as that.

I know what you might be thinking at this point. Maybe, just maybe $2,495 is still too high for you, and I can understand your hesitation. Budgets are tight.

But consider the payback. The fact that just a couple clients will pay this off for you. It becomes obvious that this is one of the best investments you’ll see anywhere.

Click Here To Secure Your Spot
On The Team Now!

Only $2,497



Join The Team In
The Next 48 Hours, And You'll Also Get These
Valuable Resources And Secrets...


Bonus #1: One Hour Consultation With Carole Martin

If you join right away, we'll kick off your exciting adventure into interview coaching together, one on one. We'll identify your unique needs, aspirations, strengths, and weaknesses and design a customized plan for getting you where you want to be in the most direct, effective way.

At the end of our call, you'll be revved up and ready to kick off your new business with a clear vision of what you need to expect from yourself and what end results you should have in your sights.


Bonus#2: The "No-Fear Interview Coaching" DVD

This is the actual 60-minute Live Presentation Seminar that I conducted at the Professional Coaches Conference in San Francisco, CA


Bonus #3: "Perfect Phrases for the
Perfect Interview" Book

Ever have a client who asked you what the perfect response would be to certain interview questions that are designed to throw off even the most prepared applicant? These powerful phrases will rescue you from any uncertainty when answering your clients’ toughest sample interview questions.


Bonus #4: "Boost Your Interview IQ" Book

Preparation will be second nature when your clients have an increased knowledge of every possible interview scenario. Their confidence will increase and so will their job offers when you give them the eye-opening material found only in this very revealing book!


Bonus #5: "Interview Secrets Revealed" - CD

Nowhere else can you find such well kept secrets. Only the key HR insiders know this material. In fact, if these secrets became common knowledge it would force some major changes in the way interviews are conducted, but now you can have access to it as part of this package, but you must order now!


Bonus #6: "How to Ace Your Job Interview" CD (2)

Two-double-sided CD’s. Carole Martin’s latest tips and advice. This CD is not sold separately.

Contained in this information-packed course are dozens of tips, techniques, and strategies revealed by someone from "the other side of the desk" who has hired literally thousands of people and knows exactly how to get the job!


Bonus #7: "Boost Your Hiring IQ - Book" (2007)

Boost Your Hiring IQ by Carole Martin

This interactive hiring guide is an absolute must, whether you're a manager, HR professional, or a small business owner. Its powerful hiring IQ test helps you determine what kinds of answers they should look for when asking questions in an interview-and what those answers really mean.

Filled with practical advice on what to look for when filling a position, techniques for asking the right interview questions that really show the capabilities of a prospective employee, and questions that reveal how to hire the best person for the job.

This book will give you the perspective of the other side of the desk – the interviewer. A must for coaching the candidate!



Warning: This Is An Extremely Limited Opportunity

I need to protect the integrity of this material so, as I’m sure you understand, I can’t have this secret, proprietary information in the hands of too many people in any one metropolitan area.

I want to give you the greatest opportunity to succeed with this information as possible. And if too many people get their hands on this system, the "edge" you have will become dull - and your chance to be the top interview coach in your area, with the ability to demand high fees, will be lost.

So, I’m going to pay strict attention to the volume of Systems distributed and I will STOP marketing this information once I’ve sold 10 copies in any one region of the country. This means you have only a tiny window of opportunity to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Are you prepared to take action and seize the chance to have the business of your dreams? Or will you look back with regret as someone else takes your spot and makes a killing in this hungry market?

Click Here Now To Secure Your Spot

On The Team

 And Get

The"Interview Coaching System"

Rushed To Your Door!




OK, Let’s Review

Here’s what you receive when you join
The Team today:


Interview Coaching Team Benefits

Support and Training

We will provide you with interview coaching clients based on your area of expertise depending on the flow of prospects coming to us. (DISCLAIMER: We do our best to generate new business and bring new clients to our Interview Coaches. However, we cannot guarantee any number of clients.)

  • TRAINING - 6 weeks of self-paced, active coaching and training supervised by Carole Martin. All sessions will be recorded for learning purposes.

  • CERTIFICATION - After the 6 weeks of training you will be certified as a qualified Interview Coach and given a logo to place on your website or other business materials. Click here for details (opens a new window)

  • We will provide you with interview coaching clients based on your area of expertise depending on the flow of prospects coming to us.
    (DISCLAIMER: We do our best to generate new business and bring new clients to our Interview Coaches. However, we cannot guarantee any number of clients.)

  • 75% of revenue paid to you.

  • We will have Monthly Group Training and Support Calls 

  • Complimentary Access to New Interview Coaching Products and Programs.

  • Extended client opportunities (you’ll have a chance to continue working with your clients beyond interview coaching)

  • Opportunities for leads to do coaching beyond “interview coaching” – career, life, etc.

  • There is an annual fee in addition to the set-up fee.


  • License to use and duplicate

  • Facilitators Guide

    • Reproducible Original Exercises (in print and in digital format)

    • “Interview Fitness Training Workbook”

    • Facilitators Guide CD explaining how to use this program

    • Certificate for a One-Hour Consultation with Carole Martin to Help You Get Started

  • Carole Martin Live - DVD No Fear Interview coaching (San Francisco Career Conference)

  • Carole Martin’s “Boost Your Hiring IQ” book to help you get inside the mind of the interviewer.

  • 5 copies of “Interview Fitness Training Workbook” to get you started (discounts on future workbook purchases are available)

  • The Ultimate Interview System

    • Instruction Guide to use the system

    • “Interview Fitness Training Workbook” – book – Carole Martin

    • “Perfect Phrases for the Perfect Interview” – book – Carole Martin

    • “Boost Your Interview IQ” – book – Carole Martin

    • CD: How to Ace Your Job Interview (2 CD set)

    • CD: Job Interview Secrets Revealed

  • Marketing Tool Box

    • Access to a complete rolodex of business resources.

    • Audio Recording Service

    • Online Telephone Messaging Services

    • Assessment Program for your Web Site

    • How To Attract Clients

    • Job Search BootCamp

    • Article Distribution Services and Links

    • Press Release Distribution

    • Website start up guide

    • Payment for services guide

    • Shopping Cart setup guide

    • Autoresponder setup guide

    • Equipment needs

    • Teleconference needs

    • Recording resources

    • Marketing your business

    • How and where to distribute articles you write

  • Reprintable articles you can customize with your name and use them to build your interview coaching business faster.

  • “Coaching Millions” (book) by Milana Leshinsky to give you everything you need to hit the ground running with your business.


Can't Afford To Join The Team?

The Self Study Option:

I know there are some people who simply can't afford to join the team, for whatever reasons.

Now, if you're on a tight budget, you can still become an interview coach. For $1497, you can get all the training materials described in this letter sent to your home or office to study on your own, at your own pace.

You'll still get the step-by-step instructions for attracting clients and coaching them through a successful interview. But you will not be certified by and will not be able to take part in any of the training calls or follow-up support.

This option is backed by the very same guarantee that team members get. If you're not satisfied with the results you achieve after 30 days, simply send the materials back for a full refund. If you can't afford to join the team, you can still reap all the rewards of becoming an interview coach without risking anything!

Click Here

To Have All The Interview Coach Training Materials

Rushed To Your Door Now

 For Only $1495



Still Unsure? Take a look below:

10 Reasons Why You Should
Join The Team Immediately


REASON 1. NOT TO BRAG, BUT I’M THE BEST – You’ll be learning from the top, crème de la crème interview trainer in the industry, bar none. With 18 years of HR Management Experience, 8 years experience as’s interview expert, a Master's Degree in career Management, and an Adjunct Faculty Member at three universities, I have the background and training necessary to teach you the secrets of performing as an Interview Coach.

REASON 2. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES - It took me 10 years to develop my method of interview coaching - you won't have to work that hard because I've been there and done that - and you won't have to suffer through the costly mistakes I made.

REASON 3. SAVE TIME AND FRUSTRATION - I am giving you my secrets - and allowing you to use and copy my products and my time tested discoveries. I’m even giving you license to copy my workbook exercises. Why re-invent the wheel?

REASON 4. ALL-IN-ONE RESOURCE SYSTEM - When you start an interview coaching business on your own you don't have anyone to turn to when a problem arises - this package contains all the answers you can use again and again as an ongoing resource you can’t get anywhere else.

REASON 5. GROWING EMPLOYMENT MARKET - Remember: three-fourths of employees are disengaged and looking for new jobs at this very moment. That is a huge market for you to tap into - and it's happening now and shows no signs of letting up.

REASON 6. WATCH ME AS IF I AM THERE WITH YOU - I am giving you a bonus DVD of my presentation at a conference for Career Coaches where people paid hundreds of dollars to attend. You can attend my portion for FREE.

REASON 7. I'LL TAKE THE HOT SEAT - You can ask me any question you'd like in our "one-on-one session" – put the #1 Interview Coach in the "hot seat" to get the answers you want—most people would gladly pay thousands for this benefit alone!

REASON 8. EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - The first 7 team members will get a discount of 25%, this offer is for a limited time only.

REASON 9. COPY MY SUCCESS - it took me 10 years to grow my business to the dollar level I am today - YOU too can have the same successful results - almost immediately.

REASON 10. MAKE MY DAY -- I receive hundreds of emails and calls from people telling me how I made a difference in their life. You can receive those same types of emails telling you that you made a difference in someone’s life – across the US and beyond.

Join today and save 25% off the already low investment should be a no-brainer for anyone who’s serious about making a quantum leap in their home business. I’m here for you every step of the way, and you’ll be helping people to achieve their dreams.


Become An Team Member Now!

  One Payment of $2497

Two Payments of $1,248.50 each
(one payment today and one payment in 30 days)



Warning: The Interview Coaching System is NOT for everyone!

Please walk away from this opportunity if:

  • You are afraid to take risks or try new things

  • You aren’t all that interested in making peoples' lives more rewarding

  • You can't invest the time and work necessary to enjoy the lucrative return on investment

  • You’re intimidated by the challenge and thrill of a competitive environment

  • You have trouble thinking out-of-the-box to come up with new ways of saying the same old thing

  • You don't like making money by helping other people make money

If that doesn’t sound like you and you’re still with me, then congratulations because you can begin changing lives for the better TODAY!


Finally, Get The "Turn Key" Income Stream You've Been Looking For

Becoming an interview coach with isn't just a new way to make money. It's a way for you to create a handsome, ongoing income... working on your terms... and getting the long term support you need to sustain that income well into the future.

Follow the link below now to become the next member of the, and join a tight knit community of dedicated individuals making incredible profits helping people in need.


Take The 30 Day Trial Now - Then Decide If The Team Is Right For You!

I don't want you to commit or make any decisions about anything until you've experienced everything I've laid out in this letter first hand. Go through the training materials in your home or office. Go through the initial training process. And take part in the monthly support calls. If after 30 days you aren't full committed to moving forward with your new interview coaching business, no worries. Just send back all the materials for a full refund of your membership. (Materials must be in re-saleable condition).

You've got nothing to lose. And a wonderful new way of helping people and making money to explore!

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  Carole Martin



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